The biggest events of the Netherlands are best celebrated on the canals of Amsterdam. During Kings Day and Amsterdam Gay Pride the city is in full swing and everyone wants to be on a boat to be a part of the festive atmosphere on the water. In the middle of the festivities you’ll join the end of the parade or you’ll admire everything from a fixed place on the embankment. On the canals of Amsterdam a great and unforgettable time is guaranteed. Interaction with other party-goers around you, both on the water and on the quay and bridges, will only add to the fun.
The Amsterdam Light Festival in December and January is also best admired from a boat. The works of art on and around the canals make for an unforgettable experience you must eternalize on pictures to enjoy them again at home.

And then there are the events you can organize yourself. The whole city won’t be involved, but it’s your own party on the water. And you can make this as festive as you would like.
In cooperation with the event agency PTB Events we would love to look at the options to make your event on the water memorable.
In Amsterdam there is no party like a party on the canals!

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