Where is your dock located?
Our location is on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, it’s the jetty in front of house number 230. This is behind the Krasnapolsky hotel at Dam Square. After the canal cruise, you’ll be back in the same place. Our office is located at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 85.

Do you cruise every day?
If it is up to us, definitely! But, there are some days we can’t show you around the city due to the bad weather. We will inform you about this on the front page of our website. If you have any doubts or you want to be sure, just call to our office at 0031 (0)20 33 44 77 4.

What are your departure times?
We have no set times for departure. Our schedule is updated every day on the front page of our website and our host at the dock can inform you as well. On busy days we depart every 20 minutes so you don’t have to wait a long time.

How long does the tour last?
The duration of our regular canal cruises is roughly 60 minutes.

When is your last canal cruise?
Our canal cruises are for certain until 9 p.m. When the weather is still good, we cruise until midnight.

Is there a tour guide on board?
Our captain and hostess will inform you during the tour about the sights in Amsterdam. They will do so in English and/or Dutch.

What highlights do we see during the tour?
Our tours show you the Hermitage, Magere Brug (skinny bridge), Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum), Nemo and Carré. Because we have smaller boats, we also take you to the smallest canals possible.

Where can I buy tickets?
You can get tickets online or on board. Tickets are available for € 15,- each. You don’t need to get tickets in advance, you can just hop on board whenever suits you best. You can pay for your ticket and drinks at the end of the tour. The tickets have no set date of time, they’re open and you can use them whenever it’s convenient for you!

Can I get tickets for my kids?
Of course! Children under the age of 4 are free of charge. For children between 4 and 12 we have tickets available that cost €8,50.

Is there a discount for students or groups?
No, all our tickets are the same price.

How can I pay for my ticket?
You can pay in cash or card.

Can I make reservations?
No, this is not possible. We have a first-come-first-serve policy, which means that you can show up at the dock and can hop on board with the first possibility. We have extra boats available when it’s busy, so the waiting time is limited.

Is there a bar on board?
Yes! We have a menu with available drinks, for regular café/bar prices. The bar has a wide range of soda’s and liquors. In the winter we serve hot drinks, like Irish Coffee, Gluhwein and hot chocolate.

Can I bring my own drinks and snacks?
No, this is not allowed.

You have open boats, isn’t it cold?
It is a little bit colder than in the streets. It could also be the wind that makes it colder, but we have blankets on board to keep you warm. The boats are covered during the winter and to make it even more comfortable, we have heated seats!

Is it allowed to smoke on board?
It is, but we do ask you to consider all our guests on board.

Are there lifejackets on board?
Absolutely! We also have life vests on board for children.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, this is allowed. We do ask you to watch your dog carefully and to not let your pet sit on the pillows. Your dog is allowed on your lap or on the ground.

Can the stroller come on board?
This depends on the boat and number of guests. Since we always have a host at the dock, you can leave your stroller with the host. It is safe to do so, but we do advise you to bring your valuables on the boat with you.

Are your boats suitable for the disabled or a wheelchair?
Our ‘Friendship’ boat is the most suitable for a wheelchair, but it is still very difficult to get on board from the dock. We do not have a wheelchair elevator.