Saloon boat Dyos

Capacity: minimum 20 persons - maximum 45 persons

Saloon boat the Dyos is a fully restored tugboat from 1928. It’s designed with the idea of luxury living on the water. Robust on the outside, warm and luxurious inside. It guarantees spectacular forms and natural materials.

The Dyos has all the facilities to give guests an unforgettable experience during the rent of your saloon boat tour in Amsterdam. When you want to rent a saloon boat in Amsterdam with a skipper and are looking for a high-end and extremely comfortable boat, our suggestion is the Dyos!

An overview:

  • A sitdown dinner or lunch for a maximum of 21 persons
  • Walking dinner up to 45 persons
  • Luxurious kitchen with private chef options on board
  • Fire place
  • Modern sound and AV system

Whilst enjoying the cruise, you can watch the canals of Amsterdam through our large windows and impressive porthole, a transparent slate with unique lighting. Because the Dyos can be completely closed, it is allowed to play background music on the boat. In case of sunny weather, we can open the large windows, the back of the ship and the shutter in the roof. With the retractable windows, you have an ultimate indoor/outdoor feeling.

We have a long table of Swiss chalet wood, covered with epoxy. The well equipped kitchen for ‘live cooking‘ is in brass. The extremely comfortable sofas are mobile for maximum flexibility; board meeting, sit-down dinner, contract signing or a party, anything is possible. For presentations, we have the latest technical means on board. The saloonboat Dyos also has a luxurious toilet on board.

This beauty, with its completely own identity, operates 100% green and is available for high end events.

Catering on the Dyos

We have several options available to fit all of your catering needs. Our saloon boat the Dyos offers the best arrangements in collaboration with a number of leading restaurants in Amsterdam. Every occasion and every moment of the day can be accompanied with open bar arrangements and quality food.

In addition to our excellent catering options, we have a special and luxury lunch and dining option on our saloonboat the Dyos. If you want to rent a saloon boat in Amsterdam and impress or pamper your guests, we suggest our Bord’Eau sur L’eau. For a group between 12 – 18 guests, Hotel L’Europe offers you an unforgettable and sophisticated experience by showcasing core flavours of every ingredient by using the best products and compose true, pure and natural tastes.

Private Rental Requirements
* Minimum rental time: 2 hours
* Guests: minimum 20 persons – maximum 45 persons
* Additional embarking/disembarking costs with a 50% discount

The designer of the saloon boat the Dyos in Amsterdam

Osiris Hertman (1972) was born in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He went to an Anthroposophical Free School and wanted to create and design transcendent things with stone and wood. Coincidentally, he later attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, which became the breeding ground for self-motivation and creativity.

Osiris developed into the versatile craftsman he is today, the artisan who prefers working with sketches and drawings than over computers. A man of hearing, seeing and touching. A truly tactile designer.

He approaches his customers with a total package in which sketch designs, color and material examples and models are all handcrafted. A clear language of forms where one cannot only see visually how the design is made, but also in a tangible form. As he designs everything by hand and without computers, himself and his staff fill the proposal package with different types of animations, digital maps and bird’s eye-views. As Osiris himself says: “I see everything at a place, actually upon entering I see the solution and I know exactly how I want it. And that first idea is always best. That is why I never come with ten different designs, but with the one and only, and that’s it.”

The ideal House of Osiris Hertman is closely connected with nature- “Ground floor, feet in the sand …in the morning, straight from the dunes into the house, kite surfing in ferocious wind. With my work, I try to connect both inside and outside, as they are always pulling towards each other, acting as the dividing line between them as much as possible. Outdoor spaces are very important, even though they are not always used, but just the fact that they are there, is a necessity. I like the landscape in my interiors; the influence of nature is essential to my work. Actually, you can learn everything from nature: the warmth of colors, the softness that is hidden in hard materials, the flexibility of things, and the cohesion. Because that is all about in the Interior: all that’s right with everything.”

Saloon boat Dyos


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